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Aloe Vera Liquid & Aloe Vera Capsules

*Please note all these people took our Aloe Vera product, either 10X concentrate liquid aloe vera or freeze dried aloe vera capsules.

Thank you, Dr. Helen!! Your crew is on the money! I like it when I’m told the truth. Your Aloe Vera liquid is so mild that I could drink it straight. Also, I am satisfied with the choice of deodorant. In all, Thank you and God bless you for being faithful! M. R.

Praise God, Dr. Helen! I went to the kidney doctor today and my kidney creatine was 2.5 today. It was 1.8. I’ve been drinking Aloe Vera Liquid like you told me to do. I’m so happy and thank God and thank you so much! B. C.

Aloe Vera for Arthritis

As a sidelight, I also began drinking the Aloe concentrate at the rate of one ounce per day and, after a period of about two weeks, I found that the arthritis in my knees, which has bothered me for a number of years, had all but disappeared. I hope that telling about the positive results that we have experienced through the use of this product will encourage others to try this remarkable product. We sincerely hope that the results will be as rewarding for others as it has been for us.
A. Y.

Aloe Vera for Cancer/Tumors

In October of 92, my son, Stephen Huff, was diagnosed as having a very rare brain tumor, called meningioma. A craniotomy was performed in December to debulk this tumor. We were informed that early diagnosis and total removal of the tumor, as well as surrounding tissue, assures a happier prognosis. This was not to be our case. There was residual tumor left. These tumors continuously grow. There is no on and off switch that triggers them. Radiation can only slow their growth down, but for how long, no one can be sure. There is chemotherapy available for these tumors. My son has had no radiation, only a strong faith in the Lord, dietary changes, and herbs. In June, he started taking Aloe ‘as the Lord hath planted it’. He says he feels comfortable when he doesn’t get it on schedule. He craves it. He has had 3 M.R.I.’s since December of 92 – in February, May and July of 93. To date, there has been no re-growth of the tumor and his right eye, which is totally blind (since they removed part of his optic nerve), appears normal. After the operation, for months, it remained swollen. The doctors said it was from intracranial contents interfering with venous flow. Whatever was interfering it, isn’t now. You’d never know he had a brain tumor. ‘With men this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible’. Matthew 19:26
M. H.

Aloe Vera for Diabetes

My mother is a diabetic who also has Alzheimer’s disease. She is a severe arthritic sufferer and a multiple stroke patient with a large melanoma about the size of a quarter on her cheek. The doctor performed surgery and removed part of the cancer. He sent her home and said it would rapidly spread throughout her body. That was in September of 1992, and the doctor told us he felt that the melanoma had spread too far. She began using a whole-leaf Aloe Vera concentrate 2 oz/day and super gel on the open cancer topically. The cancer completely disappeared within a few weeks to the amazement of her doctor. By October 1992, her arthritic pain was vastly reduced. She is now coherent 80% of her waking hours (she was incoherent 90% of the time before she started using Aloe Vera). In September 1992 she was taking 60 units of insulin a day. She now requires zero insulin and her blood sugar is within normal limits. In June of 1993, her doctor told us to continue monitoring her blood sugar level but that she no longer requires insulin.
L. M.

Aloe Vera for Dentistry

…..the patient needed his wisdom tooth extracted, and while the site was getting numb we talked about Aloe. He said his wife’s grandmother had married a Native American back in the thirties and has used Aloe ever since. He reported that she is now ninety-seven years old, looks like she’s fifty, and acts like she is forty. He suggested that we try whole leaf Aloe Vera concentrate on his wound.
I irrigated the socket with the whole leaf Aloe Vera concentrate and after the sutures were in place, I filled the socket with Aloe gel. That evening I called to see how the patient was doing. His comments were that if his tongue didn’t feel the space she would not be aware that anything had happened. He continued to apply Aloe for that week and, when it came time to remove the sutures, the area appeared pink and healed over. I was quite impressed.
Dr. G

Aloe Vera for Fibrous breast disease

I am 72 years of age and as long as I can remember I have had lumps in my breasts. Doctors suspected that I might have cancer, and they said that I had fibrous breasts and to be careful. Pressure like that of a mammogram is brutally painful and would leave me with pain and soreness for weeks. X-rays have the same effect.
I started taking the concentrate 2 ounces twice a day. The very next month my breasts were free of lumps and have been soft and free of fibrosity ever since. I thank you for this product.
S. C.

Aloe Vera for Hiv+

Jim Lightinheart, HIV+ for 10 years, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1990 and began a course of chemotherapy and experimental drugs. Facing the major challenge of this life-threatening disease and the poisons used to treat it, he committed himself to learning how to re-establish and sustain his health. He spent countless hours in medical libraries and in networking to research strategies for building his body’s ability to heal. Jim was a phenomenal success! His doctors were astounded as he maintained his weight throughout chemotherapy and required no hospitalization for complications. In spite of being one of the only two survivors from a group of approximately twelve undergoing the same treatment for lymphoma, physicians only conceded a casual glance at the materials that were literally saving his life.
Early on in his HIV infection, Jim made the personal choice not to use AZT, DDI, or DDC. His broad program of stress management techniques, personal balance, nutritional supplementations, vitamins, herbs and numerous other health measures have allowed his body to be strong enough to successfully fight lymphoma and prevent the progression on his HIV infection to ARC or AIDS. He has now added three ounces a day of whole leaf Aloe Vera concentrate to the measures he uses to keep his immune system strong…..
As recounted to the author by J. L.

Aloe Vera for Liver Cancer

The gastroenterologist did an HIV test on me. It came up positive and they suspected I had liver cancer, but….the specialists were not able to get the liver tissue they needed. Dr. Pulse did the 5th biopsy under computer-assisted tomography. They found 17 tumors in my liver and gave me four to twenty-one days to live. I was told that no one had ever developed liver cancer to the point I had. They told me to call my family, my priest, and my lawyers.
I started taking Aloe. The one thing that was constant was this craving for Aloe. And they documented through CAT scans that my tumors began to reduce. They hadn’t seen any response in any medical literature prior to that.
Now they tell me there is no evidence of the tumors. Everyone in the hospital kept remarking that they’d never seen anything like it.
M. A.

Aloe Vera for Ulcerative colitis

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for Aloe. I thank my God for hearing and answering the prayers of the thousands of born again believers that were praying for my failing health. You see, for over three years, I, like thousands of other Americans, suffered with Ulcerative Colitis that is also called inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
Ulcerative Colitis is a very serious and chronic disease that is characterized by intestinal pain, bloody diarrhea and malabsorption of nutrients. To make a big story short, I was so ill that I thought my ministry was coming to an end. I began to stay home for the most party, only attending church to preach on Sunday morning and a few and Wednesday evenings. I also had to give up the prison ministry where hundreds of souls had been coming to our Savior. It was truly hard for me to understand why this was happening to me, a servant of the Most High God.
As I would lie in bed for as many as seven days in a row, I would think of people like Job, Paul, Peter and our Savior. They all suffered and counted it a true honor to suffer for the kingdom of God. But I did not think that I was suffering for the cause of Christ because this was a physical illness that was caused by the fall of man. However, I must confess that I now understand that my God had to permit this disease to come upon my body for nothing happens to one of His children unless He wills it.
I started taking Aloe and was healed of my disease. Today, I am back doing the work of The King; back to preaching and teaching and winning the lost to the Savior. Thank God for your ministries that reached me when I was in a deep valley of discouragement.
Your Servant, S. P., Sr. Pastor

Aloe Vera for Multiple Sclerosis

Nine months ago, Helen Knight couldn’t walk without falling down, and her doctor said she would never walk normally again. But last Saturday night she went dancing.
Knight, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis five years ago, has been drinking Aloe Vera juice….for nine months. She says that is what is helping her to live a more normal life.
Her husband, Dan Knight, said, “She was falling down two to three times a day. She’s been improving everyday since she started taking it.”
About one and a half years ago, she had a serious car accident, and her condition worsened. Her doctor put her on medication to make her feel better but said he could do nothing else for her. He prescribed hand controls for her car, handrails for in the house, and a wheelchair.
“I said, ‘no way’. And the wheelchair is still in its box. It has never been used,” she said.
That was when she found out about a person in Spokane who suffered from MS, had taken the juice and was in total remission.
“But the company doesn’t claim to cure anything. Aloe Vera helps the body to heal itself. It cleanses the blood and washes toxins from the body,” Dan quickly added.
Helen, who drinks Aloe Vera daily, said that before she started taking it, she couldn’t do any of the housework or cooking. Her two young daughters did the housework, and Dan cooked when he got home from his job at Key Technology where he is a welder.
“Now the kids won’t do the housework because they know I will,” she said.
She said she only uses the crutches now when walking on uneven ground or when she gets extremely tired. The same goes for the hand controls in the car.
The Knights are eager to help other people get the good results that they got.
“It’s good nutrition, and that’s why it works,” Dan said.
“My motto is that I will walk normally again.”
The Valley Herald

Aloe Vera for Prostate Cancer

This is a quick note to keep you up to date on what evens have occurred with me in the past five weeks. First, I need to give you some past data:
Two years ago, I was diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer; inoperable because the malignancy appeared on the outside surface of the prostate and therefore there was some possibility of its already having spread to other areas. I elected for radiation which seemed to stop the problem. Then every six months I took a prostatic blood test which indicated rising enzyme production from 66 to 1,350, which occurred four months ago. During that time a tumor was developing in my lymph glands in the neck area. After three months of using Chinese herbs especially formulated for the increased health of my immune system, the swelling receded 60% to 70%. However, the cancer began to spread to another part of my lymph node system and a grapefruit size tumor developed between my lungs in back of the sternum. Another prostatic blood test showed an increased count to 4,500-a 5th stage cancer.

It was at this time that I had heard about whole leaf Aloe Vera and its extraordinary properties and I decided to use it. For four weeks I consumed two ounces of Aloe Vera concentrate in six ounces of orange juice three times a day. I also took 400mg of a good vitamin C. The doctor was prescribing six tablets of flutamide per day presumable to reduce the production of the male hormones testosterone.
One month later, all pain and discomfort were gone and my energy level increased dramatically. Another prostatic blood test showed the levels had gone down to 57.1. The X-ray showed a good ninety percent reduction in the tumor between my lungs. The neck tumor had completely disappeared. All this to the amazement of my doctor who hadn’t experienced this rapid improvement in his experience.
I am going to continue to take six ounces of whole leaf Aloe Vera concentrate daily until the condition appears to be neutralized, then I will taper off to as little as one ounce a day on an ongoing basis.
While I can’t prove the validity of the medicinal benefits of Aloe Vera, I would urge you to suggest to anyone who has a life threatening physical problem to use it without reservation. My mental attitude has been that I created this problem and that I could discreate it as well. I have not dwelled on this condition or worried about it and have continued to eat healthy foods and exercise as a way of living my life. With much Aloha, I honor you for your efforts and dedication to mankind.
Robert A. Kohn
(Author’s note: R. K. has since informed us that his PSA count is now .8 and the tumor on his lungs has totally disappeared.)

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