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ALOE VERA – Miracle Healing Plant

Aloe's healing properties include:

  • A natural cleanser
  • Penetrates tissue
  • Anesthetizes tissue, relieving pain associated with joints and sore muscles
  • Bactericidal in high concentration with infectious bacteria – acts as strong antibiotic, destroying bacteria even when diluted
  • Virucidal when in direct contact for long periods
  • Fungicidal
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antipruritic – stops itching
  • Nutritional – provides vitamins, minerals
  • Dilates capillaries, increases circulation to area
  • Breaks down and digests dead tissue
  • Enhances normal cell proliferation, hastens healing
  • Moisturizes tissues
  • Antipyretic – reduces heat of sores
  • Unlike most drugs, it is extremely safe.

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