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Helen Pensanti, MD is a leading provider of alternative women's health supplements. Many of the products found at were formulated by Helen Pensanti M.D.

Dr Pensanti - Hormone Replacement
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Dr Pensanti - The Healing Tape with Dr Clifford G. Self
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“Daily Confessions to The Lord”

It’s back by popular demand! My book “Daily Confessions to The Lord” IS NOW an ebook on and other outlets.

In 1980-81, I wrote something I called “Daily Confessions to The Lord”. It was birthed from a frustration of wanting to speak God’s word back to HIM, in an acceptable approachable way. I used Psalm 100 as a guide. It became so popular in my medical office that we could barely keep up with the printing. I know you will grow as a Christian with these daily prayers. I have added some new revelations over the years, so there is a lot of fresh “bread”!!!

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